Al Groves is a producer and mixer with over a decade's worth over studio experience. Cutting his teeth as a go-to man for exciting guitar sounds around England's northwest, Al was instrumental in setting up Sandhills Studio in Liverpool. Fast forward a few years and he took over the lease on Liverpool's most iconic studio, the inner city mediterranean village that is The Motor Museum, a room that's shaped the careers of artists such as the Arctic Monkeys, The 1975 and Oasis over its two decade history.

Not a man however to rely on the heritage of his room to do the talking, Al has made his name as a producer, mixer and engineer with acts such as Bring Me The Horizon and Cast, as well as developing a whole of host of new talented upstarts, including Bellevue Days, Paris Youth Foundation and Jalen N'Gonda.

Al is a studio whirlwind with an expansive knowledge of music. He's chockfull of interesting ideas and has an enviable bag of production tricks. He's also got a tremendous beard. If you're interested in any of this, feel free to reach out here

(Apart from for the beard, he looks after that himself)